Safety is the number one priority at AirMasters North East for our employees, clients and subcontractors. AirMasters continually emphasizes the importance of safety and is committed to operate in full compliance with all safety codes and regulations. We have a Safety Manager on staff to enforce safety policies and procedures with all personnel. From the field mechanic, to top management, all personnel participate in our in-house training program and those of our trade organizations.

It is the policy of AirMasters North East to provide a safe and healthful work environment for each of its workers. Each employee in this company, from the CEO to the newest worker, shall work diligently to achieve zero occupational injuries and illnesses. AirMasters will pursue our goal of zero work-related injuries through a process of continuous improvements. We will foster and maintain a work environment that encourages free and open expression of safety concerns where employees have no fear of reprisal for reporting concerns. We enforce a safety policy giving all employees the authority to stop any unsafe procedures and encourage them to take responsibility for keeping each other safe.
All of our workers are provided with the necessary personal protective equipment to keep them safe on the job and are required to use it at all times.
We have a zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use, violence, and harassment of any kind in the workplace whether it is in the office or in the field.
AirMasters is committed to safety training and education for every member of our team. Field and management participate in rigorous conferences and seminars, and OSHA training. Our on-staff Safety Manager conducts regular jobsite inspections and is a resource to our field foremen on safety issues, such as job safety analysis or crane pick plans. AirMasters adapts to client safety requirements by bridging your safety requirements to our own. This includes drug testing, COVID testing and background checks.

Management, project managers and field personnel are required to have 10-hour OSHA certification before working on any AirMasters project. In addition, Foremen must complete OSHA 30-hour training. Our on-staff Safety Trainer who is OSHA-certified instructs employees on topics specific to the project-at-hand, whether it be confined space, fall protection, hazard communication or lockout/tagout.

All workers on AirMaster’s job sites participate in regular safety meetings, including subcontractor employees.